STRASS SWAROVSKI termoadesivi 1440pz SS6 2mm grigio black diamond hotfix - GIORGETTI STRASS

SWAROVSKI thermoadhesive rhinestones 1440pcs SS6 2mm gray black diamond hotfix

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1440 STRASS SS6 (1.90-2.10mm)


Black diamond gray color


Any thermoadhesive material can be applied in 4 different ways depending on the surface you want to attach it to,

the size of the material and the number of pieces you want to attach.

The four modes are:





1) THE APPLICATOR FOR RHINESTONES AND STUDS: allows very precise processing by being able to attach rhinestones or studs

in "difficult" positions or even objects that cannot be laid out on a flat surface, shoes, jeans pockets, wedding favors...

You choose the tip depending on the size of the material you want to apply, wait 3 minutes

so that the applicator heats up, all you have to do is position the rhinestone or stud and place it on it

the tip of the applicator over the material for 20 seconds, thus heating the glue

which is located under the rhinestone, remove the tip and wait for the material to cool

for a few seconds, at which point it is attacked.

2) A FLAME which could be from a candle, from a camping stove….

Can be used for any stud or rhinestone.

It works like this: you take the material (rhinestones or studs) with tweezers and heat the glue

that is behind the rhinestone, placing the material on the flame for a few seconds,

then as soon as it has melted, apply the material to the surface on which you want to stick, at which point you wait for it to cool

a few seconds and the rhinestone or stud is attached.

3) THE GLUE: it is necessary to use "soft" glues such as Gutermann ht2 glue or Attak flex gel

(“glassy” glues like normal Attak don't last long). Glue can be used for any material

but it is mandatory when studs or rhinestones are applied to plastic, wood, ceramic, glass...

Non-porous surfaces where the glue from the rhinestone or stud cannot penetrate and cannot "grip".

4) THE IRON: it is used to speed up times when you have to attack a lot

rhinestones or lots of nearby studs; in this case you place the rhinestones on the surface where you want to apply them, you put them on

over the iron for 20 seconds. The operation is repeated if it is not possible to heat all the rhinestones at once;

at this point everything is left to cool for a few minutes and the materials are attached.

In this case, however, there is a risk that once the iron is placed on the surface

the materials could move or the fabric could be ruined because part of the iron comes into contact

with the surface on which you want to apply the thermoadhesive materials; to overcome this problem

we recommend using RHINESTONE PAPER which is used to hold the rhinestones in place

and protect the surfaces on which the materials are applied.


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