Who we are

Giorgetti Giorgio - Who we are

GIORGETTI GIORGIO was founded in 1969 for the industrial trade of sewing , industrial , embroidery and household machines.

In 1987, the marketing of GUTERMANN AND GUNOLD yarns was added, capable of satisfying any type of need in the sewing field.

In 1999, it acquired the distribution of the SWF brand regarding embroidery machines .

At the beginning of 2000, the research, marketing and development of new thermoadhesive products began which revolutionized the packaging, clothing, footwear, leather goods and accessories market.

In 2011, after careful market research, new suppliers from the haberdashery sector were brought into the company who brought the company to the top of the sector in a very short time.

In 2012 the MC STONE COLLECTION trademark was registered, a high quality and bright thermoadhesive rhinestone available in more than 900 variations between colors, sizes and shapes.

All products comply with current regulations and are accompanied by manuals and certifications. The know-how and experience acquired allow GIORGETTI GIORGIO to be a valid 360° partner for its customers.

GIORGETTI GIORGIO offers a structure in step with the needs of the sector, guaranteeing seriousness and professionalism.