Pennarello penna Colore MARABU TEXTIL BLU SCURO per Tessuti Scuri Stoffa 053 - GIORGETTI STRASS

Marker pen Color MARABU TEXTIL DARK BLUE for Dark Fabrics Cloth 053

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img{max-width:100%} Marker pen Color MARABU TEXTIL DARK BLUE for Dark Fabrics Cloth 053

Marabu Textile Painter plus

Fabric color pen

Marker with 3mm line

Marker for LIGHT and DARK fabrics without sizing.
Easy to use. Soft to the touch. Resistant to light and water
wash up to 40°. Also ideal for fabrics, fabrics, paper, cardboard....
water based. Great as a contour marker in combination with
Marabu Textile Painter. Once dry (about an hour), iron without
steam for 3 minutes, after fixing with the iron
the fabrics are resistant to washing up to 40°.


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