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Scissors 28cm PREMAX RING LOCK SYSTEM Made in ITALY Professional 11606

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With soft and ergonomic handle that perfectly follows the shape of your hands. A very light scissors, with extremely sharp blades that allow you to cut that no traditional scissors are able to achieve. An exceptional and unique instrument in the world. - Blades made with AISI 420 stainless steel and handle with Nylon 6 and Megol-rubber., Ideal for carrying out professional tailoring work, Stainless steel, Bi-moulded handle - Nylon and rubber, 10"-cm. 28 Made in Italy

SCISSORS Premax scissors 28cm Inch 11 Professional Ring Lock System® Premax® quality Features: Innovative assembly that eliminates the screw and the "backlash" of the blades Very high precision cutting Long-lasting wire Comfortable grip and lightweight, anti-fatigue blades After years of studies and careful research, the Ring was born Lock System®, the innovative assembly system for scissors and cutting tools, developed and patented by premax®, which forever eliminates the problem of screw loosening and the consequent malfunction of the blades. The use of scissors loosens the screw over time, altering the efficiency and precision of the cut. The Ring Lock System® developed by premax® solves the problem by maintaining constant blade adjustment. The Ring Lock System® developed by premax® is composed of a stainless steel compass, an aluminum alloy compass and a Teflon ring assembled with a special high-precision machine used for assembling watches. This allows precise adjustment of the blades, eliminating their "backlash" and guarantees the uniformity of the production batch. The Ring Lock System® improves the movement of the blade, which, rotating around the Teflon ring, a self-lubricating and non-deformable material, maintains the adjustment of the cut, making it constant and guaranteed over time. With the Ring Lock System® developed by premax® the circumference around which the blade rotates is 60% greater than traditional scissors; this solution allows a softer and more precise cut and a longer life of the wire. The graph illustrates the advantages of the Ring Lock System® compared to scissors with a traditional mounting system. Ring Lock System Traditional system (1) Cutting duration (2) Cutting precision (3) Reduction of blade play (4) Uniformity of production batches Watch the video of how premax works /videos HISTORY premax® PRESENTS IN THE SIGN OF TRADITION Our strength comes from history, our passion for work transformed into a philosophy of life. A story handed down by traditions and stories of families, men and women, who have dedicated their lives and their efforts to the growth and development of their country. With ingenious ideas and a lot of effort, the first miners extracted the metal, poured it, forged it, worked it, to obtain tools, scissors, knives and everything that was necessary to survive at the dawn of the 1700s. They thus "invented" the profession which, over more than three centuries, has made Premana a symbol of the world's manufacturing of cutting articles. OUR HISTORY HAS BECOME OUR FUTURE We grandchildren and great-grandchildren can only say that we are proud and carry in our hearts this great life story that has become our future. Our ancestors, with their sacrifices, gave us a rewarding and successful existence. We have not forgotten our traditions, the values ​​of our products and, filled with the pride of more than 300 years of high quality production, with the same care as then, but with the help of modern technology, we continue together for the same street. A road that, since 1700, has made us proud of being an icon, first local, then global, of the manufacturing of cutting items. The Premax consortium brings together around fifty companies, with over 300 employees, specialized in the production of scissors, shears, knives and other cutting items; founded in 1974, it deals with the study, design, promotion and sale throughout the world of products manufactured in Premana. The long experience, the high specialization of the staff, the continuous search for the best materials, combined with the on-site production of machinery specifically designed for the manufacture of cutting items, allow us to offer a very vast range of products with a high level of quality. Accurate controls carried out during production and final tests carried out by highly qualified personnel guarantee an excellent product.


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