GUTERMANN Embroidery Sewing Thread Mt.1000 color of your choice 100% polyester

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Gutermann WIRE 1000 meter cone

100% polyester

Fineness 120

(the price refers to 1 cone of 1000 meters)
To order the colors you need, that's enough
that you purchase the number of cones you need then send an email indicating
the colors you want by choosing them from the color chart in the photographs e
specifying the relative quantities for each color.
Example: you want to purchase 2 cones of the color 800 and 3 cones of the color 999. You purchase 5 cones then send an email with the indicated
color 800 2 pieces and color 999 3 pieces.
High quality sewing and embroidery thread
How to buy:
You purchase the number of cones you want then send us an email
specifying the colors and the relative quantities for each individual color.
AVAILABLE IN 600 colours

See our color chart on Facebook
click on the link below:

request the color chart we will send it to you via email so you can choose the colors you need

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