Tutte le pagelle dei Look delle prime due serate di Sanremo!!!!

All the Look report cards from the first two evenings of Sanremo!!!!


Amadeus: rating 9 – Sparlking debut but overall sober. The artistic director's first outfit by Gai Mattiolo it is a total black tuxedo with matching crystal-encrusted jacket. Velvet bow tie. He greets the audience and his eyes are bright with emotion.

Achille Lauro: vote 6 – All in all a soft debut for him who is the Ariston performer par excellence: very low-waisted black leather trousers by the designer Gucci and stop. Visible tattoos, sculpted physique, bare feet. At a certain point he puts his hand in his belt and the audience begins to sweat . The atmosphere heats up at the Ariston when Lauro takes out a bottle and stages his baptism.

Ornella Muti: rating 8 – Elegant, not flashy, a true cinema diva. The look of Francesco Scognamiglio s choice for his debut is absolutely promoted: beige mermaid dress in flesh-colored tulle, embroidered with tone-on-tone Swarovski crystals with golden reflections. Just an embroidery under the breast and then that's it. Very clean and flowing line to underline its shapes, bright and sensual. Eyeglasses do not go unnoticed: social media have already renamed them as "the teacher's". The second look is in total black, a dress with a shaped neckline and deep slit.

Mahmood and Blanco: vote 10 – Here he is, “ Blanchito Bebe ” the top secret artist who (together with Elisa) shows off in these evenings total look custom made by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentine . The cloak immediately causes him a small accident, with Amadeus taking it inside and taking it off. Just a few seconds and everything is back to normal. Transparent silk blouse underneath, and black trousers. In perfect Valentino style. Mahmood, on the other hand, has a mismatched suit, with a showy citrine yellow ring on his hand. For us they have already won.

Noemi: vote 5 – The shape of the dress suits her, the color decidedly less so. It is a creation of Alberta Ferretti but with a hint of powder pink that matches her white complexion. The result is monotonous, with the hair showing too much contrast: many have seen a reference to the Little Mermaid, when she wears the pink dress in the prince's castle. In any case, a review of the principles of color harmony is urgently needed.

Gianni Morandi: vote 9 – The tuxedo with jacquard jacket by Giorgio Armani it is the perfect synthesis of his personality: a classic but extremely youthful and contemporary. Black background, velvet lapels and optical magenta and white tie pattern. And to those who define it as "hospital pajamas" on social media, we reply: nope, this is gentlemen's style!

The List Representative: vote 7 – Paris Hilton style tailcoat and tiara for her, smocking for him. Lots of grit for this look Moschino by Jeremy Scott which definitely marks a change of pace for the singing duo compared to last year's atmosphere. And it's immediately TikTok ballet.

Michele Bravi: vote 9 – The jacket with floral appliqués in Tiffany blue and black leather is a great piece and fits perfectly with the message of the song he sang (and also matches the legendary Sanremo flowers). Below you can see a black sequined blouse to stay in line with the sparling mood of this Festival. Very well.

Maneskin: vote 8 – 80s mood, maxi shoulders, leather and lots of rock energy. Damiano immediately sets the trend with the velvet choker with pearls. Ditto Victoria with two big stars as nipple covers. The second look is already more particular Gucci consistent with their style.

Massimo Ranieri: vote 7 – Ode to sobriety. Tuxedo Versace , essential, no frills, elegant. Just like him.

Ana Mena: rating 4 – Strawberry pink checkered minidress studded with sequins by Emporio Armani with matching leather cuissardes. A real vitamin boost Latin American pop star. Well, maybe too much. Here too, social media went wild with references: from Anna Tatangelo to Ariana Grande, confirming the stereotyped look. Sin.

Orietta Berti: unclassifiable – First reaction: shock. Then absolute love. But how can you not love it? What to say, Rovazzi had warned us from Fazio that this time Orietta would have outdone herself with her look but no one would have imagined so much. “It's a tribute to Sanremo – explained the singer -. There are roses and thorns." Of course, the problem is the mix, between a mountain of fuchsia organza and the transparent plexiglass spikes. Rochart's work.

Giusy Ferreri: vote 9 – Not the usual Giusy. Very elegant, too, in a long black dress with a halter neck and rhinestone inserts in shades of purple at hip height, perfect for shaping the silhouette . Deep slit, soft makeup. Promoted, definitely.

Colapesce and Dimartino: vote 4 – Look from sailors from the Titanic for the performance on the stage of the Costa Toscana cruise ship. Nice, but also not.


Amadeus: rating 8 – Yep, the red jacket is back. A must for the Sanremo branded ones Amadeus . And for this third edition it is in magenta velvet with a lapel of ultra-shimmering crystals. In life you need certainties and jackets Gai Mattiolo I'm one of them. It then goes from red to ice grey: the second jacket is in velvet with the usual black sequin lapels.

Sangiovanni: rating 9 – Cheeky hair, pink t-shirt and suit in iridescent taffeta. A creation studied by Diesel specifically to take up the theme of his song. White and fuchsia striped sneakers that immediately trend on social media. Young, fresh and genuine. A "breath of fresh air" just like his song.

Lorena Cesarini: vote 9 – Tonight started off great. The young actress is simply wonderful: for her a beige crepe couture dress studded with crystals, designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Maison Valentino . Soft, flowing, mermaid line, with a certain train. To complete the look, a necklace with a riot of diamonds to form a fret (we daresay a work by Bulgari), which makes his face even more radiant. The second look is even more wonderful: an illusion tulle dress with all-over sequin embroidery in ivory, orange and red tones outlining a floral motif. The last two dresses, shown off at the end, also bear Piccioli's signature. Creations, the maison says, which reflect the idea "of a wardrobe with which to express the strong aesthetic research and sharing of the values ​​of inclusiveness and romanticism, typical of the Valentino Community and of the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, with looks interpreted by individuality and diversity of the actress”. A completely different mood for the third look: an animalier sleep dress with a tiger in the foreground that bears the unmistakable signature of Roberto Cavalli . Feisty like her, now that she has become familiar with the stage. It doesn't escape the precious bracelet in yellow gold and diamonds from the Snake collection by Bulgari worth several tens of thousands of euros.

Laura Pausini: vote 7 – Her voice is the best accessory she can show off, but this look suits her anyway. Dress of Versace black, monastic, mermaid, social media say “Morticia Adams”, with just a strip of sequins to liven up the silhouette. It convinces but does not amaze. While waiting to see her again on the Eurovision stage in May as host, the vote is just enough.

The Vibrations: rating 4 – Sequined jacket and vest, total black, acting like rockers. Francesco Sarcina wannabe Damiano from Maneskin. But he arrived after the deadline.

Mika: rating 8 – In a blue tuxedo, perfect. If it weren't the tendency to blend in with the scenery.

Emma: rating 8 (with reservations) – Beautiful inside Gucci . Black velvet, sweetheart neckline, long puff sleeves, belt to mark the waist, slit in the crotch that leaves the lace tights visible, the same ones also worn by Lady Gaga for the premiere of 'House of Gucci' in London (yes , 2022 is the year of the revival of tights, mark it) worn with pumps with vertiginous heels. Diamond and emerald choker, blonde bob: chic/rock. It's a shame, however, that the dress is a bit reminiscent of that of Elodie in 2020. For hairstyles, the reference on social media is Simona Ventura in the glorious 2000s.

Rettore and Ditonellapiaga: rating 6 – Unleashed, in full 70s mood – like the sounds of their song, “Chimica”. Optical black and white, flared trousers and a touch of red. A two-tone black and white suit with crystal crosses encrusted on the jacket for Donatella Rettore, white tuxedo and trousers with a red flower pinned to the chest by Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini for Ditonellapiaga. And social media is asking: "Is she the Rector or Cruella Demon?"

The two actresses of My Brilliant Friend: rating 6 – Margherita Mazzucco in a fairytale look by Giorgio Armani, Gaia Giraci instead in a chiffon dress with vitamin fuchsia draping by Valentino.

Orietta Berti: vote 9 – That mix of kitsch and trash that only she can make so sublime . “Tonight I was inspired by Gone with the Wind, I have the hat and the hammer,” she explains. And she is increasingly the idol of social media. It's a jumble of tulle, feathers, animal prints and so on and so forth.

Aka7even: vote 4 – It may be the late hour, it may be the virtuosity of the direction with the scenography but this total tapestry look seems too much to us. White and red, iridescent, certainly perfect for a Chinese New Year parade (which was yesterday though).

Irama: vote 3 – It may be from Givenchy, but the crochet cape definitely resembles a spider's web.


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