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Valentine's Day gifts: 12 beauty ideas

12 gift ideas to give as gifts but also to treat yourself. Because love has a thousand facets, including self-care

February is literally the month of love . And gifts Valentine's Day , or - for those (but who?) who don't know - the holiday that celebrates lovers on February 14th. But love, which should be celebrated not only once a year but also in the remaining 364 days, has different forms and facets.

It can be affection for family members, a small gesture you make to help others, being close to a friend and, fundamentally, loving yourself first and foremost. He says it right Gucci : Cupid, the god of love, is a mischievous elf, of great mischief and wit.

Unpredictable, you don't know when he decides to make inroads into feelings, literally making you have heart-shaped eyes. However, we begin to think about this, with the selection of 35 beauty products perfect as Valentine's Day gifts , for a bit of relaxation in the name of beauty.

Heart-themed, like the limited editions of Yves Saint Laurent , Guerlain And Dyson , but not only . Because not everyone is crazy about the icon of love in the color of passion. So, whoever agrees with Susanna Tamaro, in hers best seller It goes where the Heart takes you , which "The heart now immediately makes you think of something naive, cheap, it's a term that no one uses anymore", there are formulations high tech and products for make your hair enchanting , like scrunchies Serà Fine Silk And Francine Haircare . THE love addicts , on the other hand, will be spoiled for choice, come on vitamins heart-shaped HairBurst to the bright red tights of Solidea that banish cellulite.

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Rouge G Sparkling Heart Cover lipstick, limited edition with a cover covered in crystals that form a red heart.

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Airwrap Complete is a multi-function styler: it uses a jet of air to create voluminous curls, natural waves and a smooth style at home. Thanks to the pressure of the Dyson V9 digital motor, the styler uses an aerodynamic effect called the "Coanda effect" which allows you to style your hair thanks to the combination of air and heat.

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Serà Fine Silk

Blue, black and red. The scrunchie collection, limited edition for Valentine's Day, is in silk velvet for soft and healthy hair even when tied (

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Gucci Guilty Love Edition 2021 Pour Femme, an intense and refined eau de parfum, leaves a message of contemporary love. With mandarin orange, sparkling bergamot, spicy pink pepper, lilac, rose, violet and patchouli.

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You're gorgeous, limited edition gift kit to spend loving moments of relaxation.

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Abiby dedicates her Love Celebration beauty box, for the month of February, to love. Here is the Self Aesthetic Magazine Mask Kit, a set of eight masks to take care of yourself from head to toe.

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Francine Haircare

Special edition set for Valentine's Day, containing Pillow Case, Eye Mask and Scrunchie in the new red color. To benefit from all the properties of silk simply by sleeping (

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Taba Skincare

Spiked Rose Quartz Face Roller, to firm and lift the skin during your skincare routine (

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Personalize a fragrance, for a unique gift. There are two possibilities: engraving the glass or customizing the label.

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Palette Magnificent Nine, contains nine eyeshadows in the shades of love in different textures, from matte to shimmer to glitter.

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Rouge Pour Couture Limited Edition Valentine's Day 2021 is a new version of the iconic Rouge Pur Couture. A tribute to his transgressiveness, beyond all limits. Three scandalous reds: No 1 Le Rouge, No 21 Rouge Paradoxe, No 1966 Rouge Libre.

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LovEco is the dedication to the month of Valentine's Day and to love for the Planet. The kit is plastic free and contains a bamboo comb, a charcoal konjac sponge, an exfoliating loofah and cotton glove for the body and two bamboo toothbrushes (

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