Naomi è sempre Naomi

Naomi is always Naomi

Naomi Campbell takes to the catwalk for Alexander McQueen. And once again, yet another, he proves that he has no competition or heirs. The one and only divine of the catwalk doesn't lose an ounce of her charm. And we are completely victims of it

The latest demonstration on catwalk of the superiority of her charm came a few hours ago : the Black Venus was the spearhead of the casting of the Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2023 collection show, held in London. For her, a catsuit covered in multicolored sequins, drawing a hypnotic organic pattern on her body. At thigh height, porthole to shape a sort of garter belt. Long hair, slightly wavy in Pre-Raphaelite waves. The sharp look. The oval of the unique face .

I remember when I was just 18: it was the early nineties, Naomi was at the peak of her career, the covers were all hers and I cared little or nothing about fashion. A friend told me that she was her favorite supermodel - everyone had one: Cindy, Christy, Linda and Claudia were the most popular, but connoisseurs preferred the more sophisticated Shalom and Yasmeen - and described her as the woman with the perfect oval . Every time I see it, even today, I can't think back to the indisputable truth of that statement. But it was just his face. Naomi's every step on the catwalk, every swing of her body from side to side from its balance axis is a successful exercise in collective hypnosis. Every vibration of its center of gravity is a breath of sensuality . Or, when he wants, a seductive slap. Because Naomi is someone who knows what she wants, even on the catwalk.

Naomi Campbell on the catwalk for the Lanvin Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

In the most recent round of fashion shows Naomi indulged in a limited and well-selected number of shows, in Paris and Milan, where she also reunited with her old colleague, Carla Bruni.

Carla Bruni and Naomi Campbell on the catwalk for Tod's

Carla Bruni and Naomi Campbell on the catwalk for Tod's (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Today there are Gigi and Bella , Kendall and Irina . Divine, wonderful, extraordinarily successful creatures. Followed by millions of followers, courted by brands, fought over by photographers. And we certainly don't want to be those hardened nostalgics, incapable of surrendering to the passing of time and accepting the new that advances. But we will gladly run the risk of being one of those who «ah, in my time, but…!» , because we want to recognize Naomi's absolute and undisputed primacy. Seeing Naomi parade is a bit like watching a performance by Marina Abramović, a bit like admiring Roberto Bolle dancing, a bit like seeing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, and not in a book.

So, what is the point of this article? None, other than to celebrate the one and only Naomi. And never mind the gossip, the legal affairs, the rumors, the tantrums, the bad temper, the true and fake loves, the daring stories of the last 30 years. Patience. Everything fades into the background when faced with a stride from the panther. Who knows how to scratch today just like yesterday, whether he is 52 or 17. And only we know how much we like to be scratched...

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