Ma JLO che a Venezia ha sfilato con il cartellino attaccato all'abito? E sì, il prezzo è da capogiro

But JLO who paraded in Venice with the tag attached to her dress? And yes, the price is mind-boggling

J-Lo's unforgettable look was an (unattainable) dream

Ever since we saw her get off the motorboat with her regal outfit by D&G we have no longer been able to get out of our heads the breathtaking look chosen by Jennifer Lopez for the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show , which took place on Sunday evening in Piazza San Marco in Venice where, if on the catwalk all eyes were on Deva Cassell and Leni Klum, among the celebs sitting in the front row it was Ben Affleck's girlfriend who catalyzed the attention of those present . High-waisted trousers with a floral print, a crop top and a precious green cape (with contrasting pink embroidery) floor-length which gave the look a majestic and regal appearance; all then accompanied by a simply perfect choice of accessories which included: a tiara (like a true queen), a pair of platform sandals studded with rhinestones and, last but not least, a golden handbag with a heart-shaped closure. Yes, in short, J-Lo was perfect...or almost.

Going through the numerous photos taken of the 52-year-old before, after and during the D&G fashion show, the eyes of the most attentive noticed how, from time to time, the dress tag (complete with code) peeked out from Lopez's fluttering cape. with bars) that some assistant of the pop star clumsily forgot to remove. Could the Cambia El Paso singer intend to return the outfit to replace it with something much more comfortable and low profile? In reality, the three-piece suit sported by Jennifer could have been lent to her by Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana, as usually happens on these occasions, so once she returned to the hotel Lopez placed her trousers, top and cape in a box, to then have them delivered to D&G headquarters, where they will wait to be purchased. Yes, but how much does the look shown off by Ben Affleck's partner in Venice cost who, in the next few days, could parade on the red carpet together with her boyfriend on the occasion of the premiere of The Last Duel (one of the most anticipated films of the entire Film Festival of Venice ), where the 49-year-old actor stars alongside Matt Damon and Adam Driver?

In reality, the prices of Haute Couture clothes have never been flaunted from the rooftops given that all the garments are made by hand, in order to meet the needs (and above all the shapes) of each individual buyer. Having said this, however, over the years we have now learned that the cost of haute couture dresses, opulent and excessive by definition, have price tags that (almost) never go below 60,000 euros . Here, after discovering the minimum price that you have to shell out to be able to show off a true queen outfit just like the one that Lopez wore among the canals of the Venice lagoon , it seems more than clear that breaking the piggy bank this time will not be enough. Unfortunately. At this point, perhaps the most convenient thing is to continue dreaming of crazy dresses studded with rhinestones, lace and lace, while continuing to show off the usual pair of jeans and sneakers which, at least, never go out of fashion.


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