L'Ucraina ha vinto l'Eurovision. Tutti voti della serata

Ukraine won Eurovision. All votes of the evening

The Kalush Orchestra prevailed thanks to the popular vote which allowed the band to overtake the vote of the technical juries. Mahmood and Blanco finished in sixth place

ROMANIA - WRS – “Llámame” – Rating 2

However, if Diodato wanted to make up for last year and participate in disguise he could also bring a decent song. These Spanish things widen the ozone hole of music, soon we will all melt to the rhythm of reggaeton and we will have deserved it.

PORTUGAL - MARO – “Saudade, Saudade” – Rating 6.5

A song worthy of attention, the Portuguese have this melancholy inside them, dusting it off with contemporary sounds is an excellent experiment.

FINLAND - The Rasmus – “Jezebel” – Rating 5.5

The Rasmus' performance is so old style that Cattelan's blond bob from his MTV days is back.

SWITZERLAND - Marius Bear – “Boys Do Cry” – Rating 4

In hindsight, knowing that we would have had to listen to this boring song twice, we wouldn't have paid the electricity bills, maybe they would have had time to disconnect it from us.

FRANCE - Alvan & Ahez – “Fulenn” – Rating 5

Indefinite mix of genres in Breton style. Nothing convincing, nothing engaging, in fact, even a vague annoyance.

NORWAY - Subwoolfer – “Give That Wolf A Banana” – Rating 7

Their sympathy, with those masks that are not only funny, but also skilfully used, risks obscuring the validity of a piece that reflects the creativity of the musical project. On the other hand, with those masks what should they have sung, "The Cannon Woman"?

ARMENIA - Rosa Linn – “Snap” – Rating 6

Yes, but why in your pajamas? X-Factor get out of this Eurovision!

ITALY - Mahmood & Blanco – “Chills”

We won't put a vote on it, the song is splendid, easily digestible even for those who don't speak Italian, for us it's clearly something else. Mahmood and BLANCO have a great understanding on stage, "Brividi" excites without leaving a chance, months after the victory at the Sanremo Festival it still doesn't tire, just as the songs destined to become classics in the history of Italian music don't tire, in this sense "Brividi" could be the first great evergreen of Italian new pop.

SPAIN - Chanel – “SloMo” – Rating 3

Spain attacked Mahmood and BLANCO by claiming that our tactic, as if we had one, was to capture the attention of the homosexual public, while they instead proposed a Cuban twerking dressed as Orietta Berti, exactly who are they aiming for? To reading clubs? To chess clubs? To Toto Cutugno fans? The song is one of those reggaeton songs that make you want to explode.

HOLLAND - S10 – “De diepte” – Rating 6

The young and icy S10 declared that she is a fan of Cristiano Malgioglio, what else does it take to be shown the door? Soulless song.

UKRAINE - Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – Score 8

The song works, the homage to Mauro Repetto is also beautiful, the flute solo on the chorus is strong to the point of obsession. Small note of colour: the guy dressed in the black fur coat, on the right of the screen, is Achille Lauro, who, after San Marino, snuck in among the Ukrainians sensing victory. Den for Lauro. In the end, as expected, they win.

GERMANY - Malik Harris – “Rockstars” – Rating 7

Yes, ok, great pop piece, dynamic, cool, clean voice, nice presence... everything ok. But, hey man, why don't you sing it in German? Scared huh...?

LITHUANIA - Monika Liu – “Sentimentai” – Rating 5

We don't know what this song is about but we believe that this girl with a sad look wants to warn us of something. She moves around the stage cautiously, trying to communicate with her eyes, as if there were a sniper ready to shoot her down.

AZERBAIJAN - Nadir Rustamli – “Fade To Black” – Rating 4.5

If you don't feel fulfilled in life, move to Azerbaijan and become a singer. And if you think you can't make it, remember Nadir Rustamli, there, in Turin, in 2022, with those flannel pajamas, in Eurovision, that dramatic air and that impertinent sweat.

BELGIUM - Jérémie Makiese – “Miss You” – Rating 6.5

Forgive us, we got distracted for a moment during the performance, we couldn't help but think about how many Messina style chops mum would be able to wrap and freeze with Makiese's jacket.

GREECE - Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – “Die together” – Rating 7.5

Once the Eurovision experience is over, Amanda will return to Greece for the last medical exam... in our time while waiting for the last exam our hobby was to spend the night with our eyes wide open staring at the ceiling thinking of everything that would happen wrong in our life. She just wants to take time not to go back to the books, it's clear, she even dressed as Nicole Kidman in “The Others”; despite this the song is one of the most beautiful of Eurovision.

ICELAND - Systur – “Með hækkandi sól” – Rating 5

Towards the middle of the piece we suspect that it is not Icelandic but a sort of senseless mumbling, like that of boyfriends when they argue. If it were true they would become our total heroines.

MOLDOVA - Zdob si Zdub & Advahov Brothers – “Trenuletul” – Vote 10

The last hope of giving meaning to this music festival is to reward these kids, but not with victory tonight, but rather with a Nobel, an Oscar, the Presidency of the United States, something that manages, even remotely, to give them back the joy that we have give away with this piece.

SWEDEN - Cornelia Jakobs – “Hold he closer” – Score 9

After the Georgians Circus Micus, unjustly excluded, the legendary Moldovans and our Mahmood and BLANCO, certainly the best song in the competition. It works very well, it is powerful and poignant, she sings it with ease and cheek; no special effects, just her, barefoot, on that stage, alone with her song.

AUSTRALIA - Sheldon Riley – “Not The Same” – Rating 5

How much would you give if at the end of the performance young Sheldon took off his mask and became Achille Lauro? At least it would give us a good reason to remember him in 30 seconds.

UNITED KINGDOM - Sam Ryder – “Space man” – Rating 5

Imagine a Norwegian hippie dressed like ABBA singing (well) an extrapop song similar to a thousand other extrapop songs. A great bore. And he even risked winning.

POLAND - Ochman – “River” – Rating 5

Who knows if all this desperation has reason to exist.

SERBIA - Konstrakta – “In corpore sano” – Rating 4

If you stay still for the whole performance she doesn't see you, like the T-Rex; and maybe you will be saved.

ESTONIA - Stefan – “Hope” – Rating 5.5

The sexiest Estonian of 2020 offers a song that seems like the contemporary version of a theme song from one of those '80s "Hazzard" style TV films.


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