Le nuove scarpe di lusso di Belén: quanto costano i sandali ricoperti di strass

Belén's new luxury shoes: how much do rhinestone-covered sandals cost

New entry, in Belén Rodriguez's luxury shoe collection. These are Bottega Veneta sandals covered in rhinestones: they cost more than a thousand euros.

For Belén Rodriguez it is an important moment, from a professional point of view. The Argentine showgirl has fulfilled the dream she has cultivated since her arrival in Italy: hosting Le Iene. He has been at the helm of the Mediaset show for four episodes, together with Teo Mammucari and he couldn't be more enthusiastic about it. At the same time he is carrying out his commitments in the fashion sector, together with his brothers Cecilia and Jeremias: the fashion world is a family matter and together they created Hinnominate. The brand creates casual and sportswear and has recently also added a kids line, featuring Santiago, the son of Belén and Stefano de Martino, as its testimonial. If on the work front everything is going swimmingly, from a sentimental point of view a little less. The love story with Antonino Spinalbese ended, shortly after the birth of little Luna Marì. And between a work commitment and life as a mother, Belén does not fail to expand her collection of luxury items.

Belén Rodriguez's passion is designer clothes and luxury accessories, some purchased and others as gifts from major Maisons. The showgirl has a very precise idea about shoes: "An important choice for us women", she said some time ago, showing a pair of Roger Vivier shoes worth 1500 euros.

And they're clearly not the only expensive footwear in her closet. She recently showed off some very original Vetements ankle boots, with the writing Right and Left on the toes, costing almost 1000 euros. This summer he couldn't resist the charm of the slippers that all the stars sported: the low ones by Hermes, a real must of the season. They cost over 600 euros.

The new entry is a pair of shoes by Bottega Veneta, which the showgirl showed on Instagram. Once you open the green box, here are the shoes: they are the Sparkle Stretch sandals, in black (but beige and pink are also available). They feature laces on the instep and ankle, a 9cm heel and sparkling rhinestones on both the heel and square toe. They cost 1250 euros.


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