La moda delle sfilate Primavera Estate 2022 a Parigi è (sempre) un sogno a occhi aperti tra fantasia e realtà

The fashion of the Spring Summer 2022 fashion shows in Paris is (always) a daydream between fantasy and reality

Heart suspended between fantasy and reality, and that desire for high-sounding, authentic fashion. Fashion with a capital M with a very bright Eiffel Tower in the background. After New York , London and Milan , the baton of the Spring Summer 2022 fashion trends passes to the Paris fashion week shows . The feeling you get from the collections shown on the catwalk is almost lyrical, it touches the heartstrings, canceling out the veiled nostalgia felt towards physical fashion weeks in the last two years. Everything is back again, everything is among us again: the scene, the set designs (and Anna Paparatti's for Dior is beautiful beyond belief ), the audience. And then, obviously, the collections with the diktats that will be in fashion in Spring Summer 2022.

The Rochas storytelling designed for the maison by the child prodigy (and 24-year-old creative director) Charles de Vilmorin continues: flounces and ruffles will be the Spring Summer 2022 fashion trend . Triumphant and luxuriant, we find them characterizing the long dresses and the opulent leather decorations applied to the boots. Dries Van Noten, on the other hand, blends them into daily clothing, subverting the casual (no longer so casual) soul of a simple shirt.

Another Spring Summer 2022 fashion trend imperative from Paris Fashion Week concerns cut out dresses : on the catwalk at Courrèges, the cut characterizes the sheath dresses; Ottolinger instead makes it both a (sculptural) pretext to reinterpret minidresses and a pervasive element of tops and trousers. The Kiev "prodigieuse" , now a veteran of Paris Fashion Week, Litkovskaya uses cut outs in a functional way to amplify the styling potential of dresses and jackets with an unmistakable conceptual minimalist trademark. Present - with all the sophistication possible and imaginable - also on the Botter catwalk, where the creative director Rushemy Botter uses the cut out sparingly, contextualizing it even in suits. The sexiest of the interpretations is instead signed by Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent .

As for the Spring Summer 2022 fashion colors, the focus is all on bold and highlighter nuances : the return to pop is tangible, starting with the jackets featured in the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week . Paco Rabanne and Marine Serre follow closely behind: the chromatic experimentation is all in crescendo, in progress. The strong shades mix with the pastel ones, blending and, sometimes, creating a sophisticated color blocking effect.

via: ELLE

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