Heidi Klum Halloween Party

Heidi Klum Halloween Party

Heidi Klum wore one of the most original costumes ever for Halloween. To make it happen, it took two years of brainstorming and the help of a team specialized in special effects

No Halloween night can be said to be over until Heidi Klum, who is the reigning queen of this party, has revealed her costume. In the past, we've seen the German-American supermodel transform into Jessica Rabbit, Shrek 's Fiona, and even an older version of herself. For her, there is no idea that is too theatrical or extravagant to stage at the party she throws annually on Halloween. This year, however, she has outdone herself by turning into a worm.

We can only imagine how much Klum has suffered, over the last two years, from the pandemic-imposed ban on welcoming crowds of stars to her legendary Halloween parties. Luckily, 2022 presented her with an opportunity to do it again, and she presumably couldn't wait to host a night out in New York at Sake No Hana, a new Japanese restaurant located in the Moxy NYC Lower East Side hotel . Caged in her costume, she duly walked, sorry, crawled on the red carpet, even managing to give an interview while lying on the floor (the photos have already gone viral on social media). “I was so excited to be able to throw a party again,” she said. “I wanted this year's party to be more memorable than any I've thrown before, and that meant my costume had to be the most magical yet.”

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Klum revealed that it took two years of brainstorming to come up with the idea for the worm. “I love doing unexpected things, so I tried to think of a costume that was as absurd as possible, but at the same time had something familiar about it,” she said. "Since it's Halloween, it was necessary for the disguise to have a disturbing, even a little disgusting, repellent component." It goes without saying that to bring her gruesome vision to life, Klum needed a team of special effects experts, so she teamed up with makeup artist Mike Marino and his team at Prosthetic Renaissance. They are her glam team for Halloween. “No matter how crazy my ideas are, Mike always manages to turn them into reality,” he says. «When I wanted to be Jessica Rabbit, he told me: “No problem”. And when I asked him to transform me into the werewolf from the Thriller video, he again replied, “No problem.” Clone me five times? "No problem"".

She admits, however, that when she announced to Marino that she wanted to become a creep, he seemed hesitant about the logistics. “I called him and said, 'Turn me into a worm.' And he: "Huh?". Initially, he didn't want to do it and tried to convince me to opt for something else,” says Klum. «Obviously, he didn't succeed. That's how I am: when I fall in love with an idea, there's nothing I can do." But how did the transformation into an invertebrate occur? Klum slipped into a prosthetic shell (which completely immobilized her arms), then the team applied special make-up to her face to ensure that her features blended perfectly with the segmented structure of the costume, leaving only visible the eyes and mouth.

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Having reached the entrance of the venue, Klum walked the red carpet twisting and rolling, while her husband, Tom Kaulitz , followed her brandishing a fishing rod, the hook of which was attached to his wife's costume. “I wanted my guests to forget about the problems of the world for a few hours and have fun,” said Heidi Klum. “I love Halloween: people can wear costumes that help them get rid of some of the insecurities that plague them in everyday life.” When it was time to let loose on the dance floor, however, Klum took off her restrictive costume, revealing the semi-transparent sequined bodysuit underneath.

Klum says wearing a worm costume was a really special experience, definitely different from previous ones. “There was nothing human about this year's costume, so I felt really transformed,” she said. «I really liked the fact that it was a species existing in nature, which was reproduced to scale».

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During the design phase, he even found a certain “beauty” in worms. “I love the color of a worm, there are so many subtle shades of pink and brown in its body,” she says. “And the way their segmented anatomy allows for fluid, seamless movement… They seem so simple at first glance, but they are incredibly complex creatures.”

In the photos below, you can follow the further stages of Heidi Klum's transformation process into the crawling creature she chose to impersonate on Halloween night.

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