Guida (astrologica) ai regali di Natale 2021: 20 e più idee moda per meravigliare la donna Leone  Cosa donare al segno più gagliardo dello zodiaco? Borse, scarpe, accessori che irromperanno nel guardaroba con forza e vigore

(astrological) guide to Christmas gifts 2021: 20 and more fashion ideas to amaze the Leo woman What to give to the boldest sign of the zodiac? Bags, shoes, accessories that will burst into your wardrobe with strength and vigor

Strong, courageous, enthusiastic about life and always ready to give (positive) energy to those around her. She may have some flaws (after all, who doesn't?), but the woman of the Leo zodiac sign has a big heart and is magnanimous. Curiosity: it seems that Leos like to surprise with large gifts, but let's not be overwhelmed by the anxiety of not being able to reciprocate. This (astrological) guide to Christmas gifts 2021 contains 20 and more fashion ideas including clothes, bags and shoes that will surely leave you stunned and with the WOW effect on your face.

Accessories are always welcome, so giving a bag at Christmas can be a tactical and winning strategy. Celine offers a hobo model in soft camel-colored leather, a concept that translates into a must-have and collectible piece (to be treasured and worn for decades and decades to come). Those who distance themselves from the charm of tradition by veering towards cooler nuances can also focus on the Karl Lagerfeld beaded bag: the face of the former Kaiser of fashion is the absolute protagonist. Slightly naive and (very) indie-chic soul? Go for the La Milanesa crochet bag, and the look will be an authentic revival of the iconic style that characterized the hippie generation. Speaking of the 60s and 70s, among the 2021 Christmas fashion gifts you will also find Lois jeans: did you know that Abba were also among the first to wear them ? If your Little Lion loves music, here's another reason to prefer a denim-sized gift. As for clothes, yes to outerwear and printed dresses: the Max&Co coat. is the access key to cosmopolitan and chic style, the sun-themed Alessandro Enriquez dress can only be the perfect transposition of the energy that every Leo (and not only) carries within them.


Made by hand, artisanally, with brocade velvet. You will (also) love the metal anklet of these ballerinas.

Christmas 2021: the perfect fashion gifts for a Leo (but not only)

regali natale 2021 jeans

Did you know that Abba were (also) among the first to wear Lois jeans? Oh mama!


Handmade crochet takes shape in this Made in Italy cardigan to be worn open.

regali moda natale 2021

Available in two sizes and four color variations, this crochet tote bag with bamboo handle is made of 100% wool.


To dance with the snowflakes, Vicolo offers a pullover with a ribbed half collar. With themed pattern.

Where minimal style meets the gold trend: here are the flat shoes with anklet.


Stella McCartney's vegan, cruelty-free and eco-sustainable philosophy materializes in this small logoed hobo bag.


To spread (solar) energy, designer Alessandro Enriquez proposes a themed dress. To shine everywhere.


And if you really have to dare, dare with the right miniskirt: Des Phemmes focuses everything on feathers and crystals.


The blazer with a shiny finish and the guaranteed WOW effect? There he is.


To be worn in a genderless way, and to bring out the tender (and childish) soul that is in each of us.


Handcrafted gloves to wear on the snow, but also in the city. Reppucci signs them.


Iconic and unforgettable: Karl Lagerfeld's face gives value, character and personality to this beaded bag with fringes.


The cool hat to the nth degree, courtesy of Kenzo.


The 100% cashmere sweater and the maison's signature razor blade motif: essential characteristics of the brand.

Bicolor and 100% vegan! The (cool) sneakers that are good for the Planet.


One and only (style) mantra: Livingcool!


The softness par excellence and dressing gown format, to be appreciated in our comfort zone.


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