Cappotto plaid di Elisabetta Gregoraci

Plaid coat by Elisabetta Gregoraci

It's true, everything is slowly returning to normal. The hugs that no longer scare us, the evenings with friends and the pleasure of going back to the cinema . But we're not all that sure that we really feel ready. Whether it's the polar cold that has led temperatures to drop dramatically or the sofa that is so comfortable on an autumn weekend, going out isn't everyone's priority. But we are almost convinced that we have found the right trick to feel pampered even on the streets of the city while walking warmed by the November rays. How, you say? With a plaid coat that will keep us warm and make us feel beautiful and confident. We saw it worn by Elisabetta Gregoraci and, It goes without saying, we fell in love with it.

Is it because it makes us feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's , that we love wearing a wrap coat so much? It's true that at the time it was a trench coat , but the taste of tightening the belt at the waist in the cold is confirmed by the Autumn Winter 2021 2022 collections. Anglomania effect in Elisabetta Gregoraci's coat characterized by the plaid motif which immediately warms our hearts just by looking at it Heart. The Scottish pattern is back in the spotlight with two fashion variations: skirts, trousers and... coats. And, looking at the look shown off by Eli Greg , outerwear seems to be the best investment to face the colder season in style.

Be chic in just a few moves? Just one gesture and voilà the coat with belt at the waist, the so-called "robe model " will envelop the entire silhouette in a warm and very stylish embrace. The one chosen by Elisabetta Gregoraci is designed by Fracomina and is characterized by white, light blue and dark blue nuances, the wide lapels reveal a matching turtleneck , the belt tightens the waist highlighting the silhouette and the fringes adorn the hem, taking us back to the autumn afternoons spent grandmother doing homework in front of the fireplace. A coat that, in addition to making us feel warm, reassures us like a sweet caress. The best combinations to wear Elisabetta Gregoraci's coat? For a touch of glamour, wear it with a pair of high boots but it will also be perfect combined with jeans and sneakers . The coat with belt at the waist will give the right touch of charm to even the simplest of outfits.
By Elle

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