Calendario dell’Avvento Prym a 49,90 €: un REGALO da non perdere!

Prym Advent Calendar at €49.90: a GIFT not to be missed!

You can find it ONLY at Giorgetti Strass at such a special price!!! and ONLY from Thursday to Sunday!!!! Prym has been a reference brand since 1600. A true "giant" in the sector, with products that cover the entire creative world: sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, accessories...

From this year, for the first time in the entire "Old Continent", a careful selection of the best-sellers among those products becomes the protagonist of a unique, ecological and "super-limited edition" initiative: the Calendar of 'Prym Advent , sustainable, because it is made of certified cardboard, with 24 boxes to open and enjoy one by one, waiting for Christmas!

But only for the most determined and quick, who will book their calendar immediately, before the limited quantities of this collector's piece, as designed and produced by Prym, run out.

The kit will only be available upon reservation at the price of 89.00 (but the total value of the products exceeds €120.00!!!) but for this BLACK FRIDAY you can find it exceptionally only on our website at the FANTASTIC price of 49.90 but only until see you on Sunday!!!! ...Hurry, supplies are not infinite and time is running out very quickly.


What does the Prym Advent Calendar contain?

Read only if you want to ruin the surprise!

610543 Prym Love scissors 13.5 cm pink

744603 Gutermann thread with gold metal effect

744603 Gutermann thread with silver metal effect

723860 rPet Gutermann sewing tool red

431136 Prym ergonomic thimble – size M

611321 Prym tomato pincushion

610180 Tissue clips 2.6 cm Prym Love

85170 Prym safety pins 19-50 mm

610440 Prym Love folding cutter 28 mm

611125 Prym needle threader with LED

611836 Prym magic needle

28520 Long pins with yellow flower head Prym

610291 Animated needle holder

610958 Stick ergonomic tailor's wheel mint Prym Love

610731 Mini Prym pocket rule

403794 Handmade sewing pins silver + gold Prym

282101 Dressmaking tape measure 150 cm Prym

610933 Prym Love basting cutter

610192 Prym Love mint corner shape

154164 Standard machine needles 70-100 Prym

968168 Hemming tape 20 mm Prym

610957 Yellow chalk cartridge for Stick tailors wheel

610274 Prym cat magnet

Seepje delicate detergent

Total value: €126.35

ONLY for BLACK FRIDAY at €49.90!!! HURRY

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