Blanco e Mahmood da «Brividi», bici di cristallo nel video

Blanco and Mahmood from «Rividi», crystal bikes in the video

The Diemen neighborhood is the backdrop to the piano and strings love ballad presented at Sanremo 2022, the two ride on a crystal bike (Swarovski) through the streets of Amsterdam in the video of the song which won over the public and critics on the first evening of festival.

Naked with shivers, sometimes I don't know how to express myself : a few hours after the highly acclaimed performance at Sanremo 2022, Mahmood and Blanco launch the video of Brividi , a 3 and a half minute short film by director Attilio Cusani (already author of the clip for Soldi , the song with which the singer-songwriter from Gratosoglio enchanted the Ariston and the radio in 2019). After three years, the scenario is different. Having abandoned the sense and contradiction of money, Mahmood and Blanco focus on a thrilling love story. Thus the video clip opens onto a winter sea panorama: it is not Italy. The video was shot in Amsterdam , specifically in Diemen . The small municipality to the south-east of the Dutch city - 24 thousand inhabitants and exposed brick houses - is the setting for the romantic ballad all piano and strings. Two stories intertwine in Cusani's work, and without any veil they appear fragile and delicate in the face of Cupid's arrow.

The scenography is contrasting: strong, synonymous with freedom. If together you share a two-seater sofa and a Nordic-style bathroom with shiny tiles, alone you can enjoy a panorama at sunset and cycle along desolate streets. Bicycles wrapped in Swarovski crystals . To the North, in the city-home of pedals, the two move astride the most popular means of transport in Amsterdam and its surroundings. Two bikes wrapped in rods and handlebars with unexpected glitters shine and illuminate the lifeless streets of the suburbs. After all, dear to both songwriters, the suburbs are an inspirational space that deserves to be experienced with creativity. Chills.


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