5 idee fashion per costumi da brivido per la notte di Ognissanti

5 fashion ideas for thrilling costumes for All Saints' Eve

This is a good year. The autumn winter 2021 fashion collections are perfect as an inspo look for a premium Halloween costume between distorted fits and standard noir stories.

Halloween night is approaching. What better opportunity than this to leave ample room for interpretation to our fashion wardrobe? The ideas for thrilling costumes are all there given the autumn winter fashion trends hatched by stylists in full lockdown isolation. Black abounds as well as that spirit of Victorian memory mixes with rebellious and punk impulses made of layering and winged sleeves. The disguise for the October 31st party will have to atone for, and therefore exorcise, all of this. From the Gauzed Mummy to Wednesday Addams.

With Wednesday Addams , the costume for the long All Saints' night it is always the right one. Above all, it is very easy to replicate with the precious resources of a thoughtful wardrobe. One of umpteen thousand short black dresses it will go great if combined with an immaculate white shirt with a pronounced collar. Fashion inspiration for Halloween costumes 2021 there is no shortage of and collections of Valentino , Annakiki e Simone Rocha they add that romantic rebellious mood that distinguishes the wisest and most thoughtful member of the Addams family.

The mummy, the ectoplasmic ghost or both. The inspo for a spectacular fashion outfit to show off at the 2021 Halloween party, it focuses on just one effect, the paralyzing one of the wool wrapped around the body. Both a long asymmetrical semi-transparent and holey winter dress , like the grunge one by Sportmax, and a cascade of fringes, more or less disorganized, catalyzing glances like those of the dresses by  Ferragamo and Ami Paris .

The distinction between terror and horror, between violence and decadence becomes the sublime, and from the verses of the writings of Ann Radcliffe poses on special clothes, icons representing the gothic spirit par excellence guided by needle and thread. It is the dress stained with blood and pain by Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton and immortalized by Paolo Roversi, it is the two-tone tunic, in innocence pink and passion red for Dries Van Noten, filmed by Caspar Sejersen. And that chiaroscuro of a floral print, faded by time like a memory on Erdem's dress, evokes a story with a perfect bittersweet flavour.

Winged, nocturnal, rests upside down. It's the bat, aka the vampire , to interpret the dark and dark spirit of Halloween costume for excellence. The wide sleeves, the impalpable yet thick and dense black feathers of the 16 Arlington outerwear are combined with eyes closed with a pair of leather trousers. The pleats of black coat Of Junya Watanabe they are wings ready to fly over the long night of fear of October 31st. Then there is the distorted vision of Anrealage where Kunihiko Morinaga talks about his autumn winter 2021 fashion in an upside down version, thus creating that upside down effect so dear to the placental mammal.

In the 1982 horror film directed by Tobe Hooper, aggressive spirits coming from the cemetery demolished to build the neighborhood haunt and disturb Cueste Verde's house by passing through the signal-free screen of the television in the living room. A perfect setting, that of Poltergeist, in which to enter with the fashion looks of the most extravagant winter collections on the scene. The spirit of a little girl in the form of clothes several sizes smaller becomes the decorative element of that of Vivetta , while the man/animal metamophorsis of Collina Strada is the symbol of a stern mother happy to show off quiet afternoons of games. Finally there is the long dress look by Vetements, in a reference to Hideo Nakata's 1998 film Ring . It looks like it just came out of that cursed videotape.

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